Water where you
need it


Bore Drilling

Water bore drill rig available to drill bores across the NT.

Bore maintenance

Crane truck with lifting winch and 600 CFM compressor for pulling and cleaning bores
Ability to service and repair submersible bores.

Solar bores

Specialist in supply, installation and maintenance of NASTEC solar pumps and Solar Pumptec equipment.
Supply, install and repair Line shaft and submersible diesel and electric pumps.

Supply and installation of poly pipe and fittings

We can supply and install all diameter of poly pipe and supply poly, gal, or steel fittings as required. We also carry a range of spare fittings and replacement parts.


We are an authorised reseller of Aquamate tanks and can supply and install any size tank.


We can supply and install generators for a range of needs.

Oils and Fluids

Supply of engine oils and fluids in 5L or 20L containers at competitive rates. Also grease plus degreasers, handwash and accessories. 

Other hoses, fittings and sprinklers

We can also supply a range of hydraulic and fuel hoses, garden hoses and sprinklers.

General services

Our crane truck has a lifting capacity of up to 4 tonne with a 7.4m tray and is available for a variety of lifting and relocation jobs.

Drilling for water


  • Bore Maintenance

  • Solar Bores

  • Supply & Install PolyPipe & Fittings

  • Tanks

  • Oils & Fluids

  • Generators

  • Other Hoses, Fittings & Sprinklers

  • General Services

  • Drill Rig

  • Bore Drilling


Phone:   08 8975 1106
Email:     admin@pnbrural.com

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